It was Europe without borders, it was trains on which we were staring into space, after quitting, it was jokes on the bus to Munich like during a school trip, it was trains back home to those who had been waiting for us and wanted to know how it went, it was water dripping from gloves swollen with rain, it was hands to shake, it was hands so cold that could no longer hold the handlebar, it was skin ripped by the sun, it was endless kilometers of plains, it was slopes that were too short, it was the smile that wind drew on your face along the descent, it was what you found to eat, it was the first open cafes before sunrise, it was getting lost in the night, it was finding the way again, it was mountains and all that can be stuffed in two days: it was a lot, it was everything, it was our way to ride the bike, it was us cyclists, that are first of all names, stories, dreams.
Today the sixth edition of Rando Imperator should have begun: it was our first love on the bike, it will always be. We’ll be back in 2021: wait for us there.