Terms and Conditions


WITOOR SPORT A.S.D. is the organizer of Rando Imperator randonnée, a cycling non-competitive event (from now on also “ride”), which will be held on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May 2024, between Munich (Germany) and Ferrara (Italy).

The event is inspired by the ancient Roman commercial route, a link between the rivers Danube and Po, nowadays called Via Claudia Augusta. The route is almost exclusively on bicycle trails, and it includes some gravel.

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Rando Imperator offers three kinds of brevets:

  • Munich – Ferrara of 650 km and 3400 mt+;
  • Munich – Bozen of 340 km and 2600 mt+;
  • Bozen – Ferrara of 310 km and 800 mt+;

Every participant can choose the path that suits them best. The choice must be made when registering. Anyway, riders can always change their choice before the day online registrations are closed, without penalties. The organization has the right of not giving consent to a change in brevet/path, given peculiar technical or safety reason.

There will be marks all allong the path, but every rider must follow the indications given by the Road Book or the GPS track that all participants will receive a week before the event via email, together with all useful information about the event.


The Randonnée Brevet “RANDO IMPERATOR” is a sport non-competitive event, about strength and regularity, which must be finished in absolute autonomy. Riders must consider themselves on an “individual excursion”, therefore in complete self-sufficiency, with no technical support e no kind of assistance by the organizators, not even health support. The route is not supervised. Controls – either declared and secret – are exclusively for checking riders’ “carta di viaggio” (for the brevets), and have the only purpose of checking that all participants are following the right track, in order for the brevet to be valid.

In case of withdrawal, the rider must immediately communicate it to the Organization, and he/she has to schedule how to go back home on his/her own. The Randonnée RANDO IMPERATOR Brevet has no ranking, but only a list of all finishers and participants compliant to the brevet regulation.


Rando Imperator is open to all participants of both sexes who are at least 18 years old, provided they have a Medical Certification of fitness for competitive cycling, or a certificate attesting the ability to sustain any high-cardio vascular activity, signed by a sports doctor; participants can be also members of any Sport Association (in partnership with F.C.I. or foreign associations recognized by UCI). All certificates must be still valid on both days of Rando Imperator.

Riders who are not members of sport associations are covered by an insurance made by the Organization.

Athletes from outside Italy must provide their medical certificate in English language.

Rando Imperator is open to all riders with means on two or three wheels with no engine, compliant with the regulations of “Codice della Strada” and its “Regolamento di attuazione” (traffic rules).

All means must have a working and appropriate braking system, which acts on both axes with rigid lever, cable or hydraulic transmission.

E-bikes are allowed, provided that they bear the CE conformity mark, that is the CE symbol. The marking must be visible, legible and indelible. (As the Randonnée can be partly during night hours, and partly along tunnels, riders must also have a propoer lighting system; in the case of e-bikes, this system must be independent of the power supply battery of the bicycle).

Registration implies knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the Implementing Regulation of Federazione Ciclistica Italiana (Italian Cycling Federation) concerning Randonnées, of A.R.I. Regulation for the type of brevet, as well as of this Regulation (in all its parts), as well as the obligation to read and know the content of the “Declaration of awareness, risk assumption and disclaimer of liability”, and to sign it.


Each participant is required to:

– deliver (also in electronic form) a copy of the Sports Medical certificate of suitability for competitive cycling, unless one’s sports medical suitability has not already been ascertained by filing and validating on the Data Health platform;

– be in good psycho-physical condition and in any case suitable to bear the discomfort and fatigue of the Randonnée.

– previously having read the Description of the Randonnée, the Road-book and the present Regulations on the relative Web page and in any case previously having read and therefore at the time of registration signing for full and unconditional adhesion and acceptance, the “Declaration of awareness, assumption of risk and liability release” by providing your mobile phone number.

– preventively check the efficiency and state of wear of the braking system and of the vehicle in general.

– leave the CE conformity marking, consisting of the CE symbol, clearly visible and unobtrusive.

– know the route by having read the description on the web page and the relative Road Book as well as the GPS track.

– respect the Road Code and always maintain the conditions of the vehicle adequate to what is prescribed by the same Code, in particular as regards the lighting system.

– respect the track and pass through the checkpoints indicated, with the knowledge that “secret” checkpoints may be set up along the way; failure to pass through one of the checkpoints, in addition to causing a state of alert, entails exclusion from the Brevet.

– wear a duly approved rigid protective helmet, during and throughout the event;

– maintain a demeanor and dress respectful of the spirit of the event and of the other participants;

– autonomously and personally provide all that is necessary for yourself to complete the event;

– do not exceed the maximum average speed established in relation to age limits;

– immediately notify the Organization of your withdrawal or – at the end of the deadline for arriving at a checkpoint (“gate closing” time) – your delay, with the awareness that in the absence of news, the Public Forces will be alerted with costs and responsibilities to be borne entirely by the participant who fails to comply with this obligation.

Any verification of non-compliance with the mentioned obligations will result in exclusion from the start or, if later, disqualification.


Each participant is required to have with them:

– reflective jacket or braces;

– at least 1 water bottle;

– clothing suitable for the foreseen weather conditions and the peculiarity of the Randonnèe;

– mobile phone with sufficient charge reserve for its functionality throughout the event or, failing that, a backup battery;

– survival sheet or – better – thermal sheet, bearing in mind that the use of aluminum sheets is strongly discouraged in the event of thunderstorms due to the risk of electrocution.

– lighting system consisting of lights integral with the vehicle, if the conditions of time and place make it necessary in accordance with the Highway Code.

The obligatory equipment may be checked “at random” during the preliminary operations for departure or at the controls.

Any assessment of the lack of mandatory equipment will result in exclusion from the start or, if later, disqualification which will also follow in the event of refusal to undergo a check.

Again for a matter of safety, all participants will be obliged to use the Live Tracking App which will be communicated by the Organization in the email containing all the useful information that will arrive to the participants on Tuesday 2 May.


Each participant is prohibited from:

– be assisted, without danger or necessity, by family members, teams, friends along the route outside the places where the checkpoints are located;

– throw rubbish along the route outside the bins, baskets or in general from dedicated bins;

– abandon the tracked route in order to shorten or facilitate it;

– engage in dangerous or unsportsmanlike or improper behavior.

Any verification of violations will result in disqualification.


The registration fee, without reference to what is paid, includes:

– Inclusion in the subscriber list

– GPX track downloadable or navigable from smartphone through the Komoot App.

– Luggage transport from Munich to Bolzano to Ferrara

– Road Book

– Indication of the route with arrows

– Refreshments (6 for 600km; 3 for 300km)

N.B. the refreshments are taken care of by local partners and not all of them are open throughout the night. The times will be specified by the organization before the event.

– Event gadgets

– Opportunity to be drawn for prizes provided by our Sponsors

– Participation number

– Photogallery

– Commemorative video of the event

– Emergency number always active for the entire duration of the event

All foreign and Italian participants who are not affiliated with any club or sports body (other sports that do not include cycling are not valid) can participate in the Rando Imperator as INDIVIDUALS. The cost of the insurance will be added to the registration fee and consists of €8.00 per person for the two 300 km brevets and €15.00 per person for the 600 km brevet.


The following registration fees apply (for Individuals 15 euro more):

  • ONLINE REGISTRATION € 70.00 (until Jan. 6th, 80€ until Mar. 7th, 90€ until Apr. 28th, 2024);

The following registration fees apply (for Individuals 8 euro more):

  • ONLINE REGISTRATION € 40.00 (until Jan. 6th, 45€ until Mar. 7th, 50€ until Apr. 28th, 2024);

The following registration fees apply (for Individuals 8 euro more):

  • ONLINE REGISTRATION € 40.00 (until Jan. 6th, 45€ until Mar. 7th, 50€ until Apr. 28th, 2024);

Membership can only be considered valid when online or on-site registration has been completed and the full fee has been paid.

In order to ensure that the event proceeds smoothly and safely, the organization reserves the right to close the registrations (by communicating it in advance) once it is deemed to have reached a manageable maximum number of participants.


The following payment methods are accepted:
bank transfer, credit card, PayPal.

Checks are not accepted.


Substitutions are not permitted, just as it is not possible to postpone the subscription for the following year.

If a member is unable to participate in the event, he/she will be refunded the registration fee (with a deduction of €20 for secretarial expenses) only if they inform the organization via email at info@randoimperator.com, by 31 March 2024.

The message sent by mail must contain the following information:

– name, surname, telephone number and registration date;
– copy of the payment receipt which must also contain the date on which the payment was made;
– IBAN code and name of the bank on which to make the refund payment.


München – Ferrara: the “Race Package” can be collected in Munich the evening before the event or the morning of the event.
München – Bolzano: the “Race Package” can be collected in Munich the evening before the event or the morning of the event itself.
Bolzano – Ferrara: the “Race Package” can be collected in Bolzano the evening before the event or the morning of the event itself.

The precise places and times will be communicated in the email with all the useful information that will arrive to the members on the week of the event.


In relation to the chosen route, the checkpoints and refreshment points will be open at a certain time considering the average travel speed identified in the 28 km/h range and they will be closed at a certain time considering the average travel speed identified in the 15 km/h range as well as established by the current ARI Regulation.

The stamps that are made on the travel cards at the checkpoints are the only proof of presence on the official route.

Some refreshment points and checkpoints are managed by local partners and not all of them are open throughout the night. If you run into a closed control point, a selfie photograph is valid to be sent to the organization.

The place of the checkpoints and the opening times will be specified by the organization before the event in the useful info email.

  • Munich – Ferrara: participants have 43 hours to arrive;
  • Munich – Bolzano: participants have 23 hours to arrive;
  • Bolzano – Ferrara: participants have 21 hours to arrive.

Medical and mechanical assistance is not provided along the routes.


Witoor Sport ASD provides tourist services affiliated with the Rando Imperator.


Possibility to stay overnight in Munich, Bolzano and Ferrara. Hotels do not accept bicycles in the room and will indicate to guests where to place them. The organization ensures the availability of rooms for those who book by March 7, 2024.

All services can be purchased online at www.randoimperator.com using the appropriate registration form.

No fee relating to services will be refunded in case of non-participation. If a member is unable to participate in the event, the fee for the hotel service will be returned to them only if they inform the organization by email at info@randoimperator.com, by March 7, 2024.


The transfer service takes place with coaches equipped with special trolleys for the transport of bicycles.

N.B. The company providing the service and Witoor Sport ASD assume no responsibility for any damage to the bicycles during transport. It will be the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the bicycle is delivered to the loading staff with adequate protection and padding.

No fee relating to services will be refunded in case of non-participation. If a member is unable to participate in the event, the fee for the service will be returned to them only if they inform the organization by email at info@randoimperator.com, by 31 March 2024.


For all members there will be one or more gadgets. Participants who complete the Rando Imperator will receive the finisher gadget only after showing the travel card complete with stamps.

N.B. The Rando Imperator Jersey, the Rando Imperator cap and the Rando Imperator T-shirt are not part of the event gadgets included in the registration fee but can be purchased separately.


Against the disqualification provisions, an Appeal is allowed in the manner indicated by the current ARI Regulation. Any claim or complaint relating to the organization must be communicated within 10 days after the conclusion of the event via email: info@randoimperator.com


The Organizer reserves the unquestionable right and power to:
– change the track of the route at any time;
– close registrations once it is believed that a manageable maximum number of participants has been reached;
– cancel and/or suspend the Randonnée at any time, if security reasons suggest it.

In the event that the event is canceled or suspended due to force majeure, the fee paid to the organization will not be refunded.


By registering, participants authorize the Organization to use free of charge, without territorial or time limits, still or moving images that portray them during the Randonnée.
The personal data of all participants will be processed and recorded in accordance with the Italian law no. 2003. 196, dated 06/30/2003 by the following two entities:

Witoor Sport A.S.D.
Via Palestro 101, 44121 Ferrara
Tax Code: 93073290384

Witoor S.R.L.
Via Borgo dei Leoni 126, 44121 Ferrara
tax code and VAT number: 02019950381


By registering, the participants declare themselves to be self-responsible and aware of all the above as well as of the following circumstances:
– given the length of the route, the practical impossibility and in any case the exemption from any obligation of permanent and/or current control of the route by the Organisation;
– the Description of the Randonnée – for the same above reasons -, however accurate it may be, cannot be assumed with absoluteness;
– the route may present particularly demanding and severe stretches and/or heavy traffic that must be tackled with caution;
– participation in the Randonnée constitutes an aware and free assumption of the relative risk, as well as of the correlated ones in a regime of full self-responsibility.


The only legal obligation assumed by the Organizer towards the Participants is to organize checks and to evaluate their achievement of the result in order to obtain the approval of the patent.
No contractual or non-contractual responsibility can be recognized by the Organization for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages suffered by the Participants or caused by them to third parties during the Randonnée.


The organisation reserves the right to make changes to the regulations at any time. The www.randoimperator.com website is the only official source of information regarding the event.

Therefore, all official communications will be made only through this website.


To participate in Rando Imperator, in any of the forms provided for in these regulations, each participant:

– acknowledges that he/she has read, approved and accepted every part of these regulations;
– guarantees a correct and civil behaviour before, during and after the event;
– declares to be in good physical condition and to have undergone a medical examination for this leisure cycling event or general bike racing, providing the organization with the broadest indemnity for any personal injury or damage that may be incurred as a result of the participation in the event;
– consents to the use of his/her data, even for commercial purposes, as set out in the provisions of the Italian Privacy Act No. 196 of 30/06/2003;
– grants the organisers full use, as permitted by law, including for profit, of all video footage, photographs, etc. taken during the event, also giving them the right to supply such images to third parties.

This authorization is to be considered indefinite and without territorial limits around the world, for use in various publications and films, including, by way of example and without limitation, promotional and/or advertising material of any type. The organization may also cede to third parties and their institutional and commercial partners the rights of use specified herein.

The organisation and its partners accept no responsibility for accidents or damage to persons or property, which may occur before, during or after the event or as a result thereof. Moreover, the organization reserves the right to exclude from the event any cyclists who are guilty of misconduct before, during and after the event.


Personal data of all participants will be processed and registered by the following two companies:

Witoor Sport A.S.D.
Via Palestro, 101
44121 Ferrara
C.F.: 93073290384

Witoor S.R.L.
Via Borgo dei Leoni 126
44121 Ferrara
C.F. e P.IVA: 02019950381

Personal data of all participants will be processed and stored according to Italian government

  1. 196, dated 30/06/2003

Witoor Sport ASD, Ferrara

TELEPHONE: Simone +393402611527
E-MAIL: info@randoimperator.com
WEB: www.randoimperator.com