Ride To Capodanno

Definitely this is the answer to “What will you do on the New Year’s Eve?”. The most obvious answer for a cyclist is: “I ride”. Three days, 365km to shake off all the days of the ending year,  to get right at midnight, when it all ends and everything starts again. Always on your bike.

The answer

Every year we join the Rapha Festive 500: the contest in which you have to cycle 500 km between Christmas’ Eve and New Year’s Eve. Every year a new route makes our ‘500km’ on Strava: from Ferrara to Rome, from the Delta of the Po River to its source on Monviso, from a lighthouse to another in Croatia.

During the last Festive 500 we returned home on New Year’s Eve: exhausted but satisfied by the three days of cycling. The traumatic return to our lives, just on the New Year’s Eve, has brought back the fatal questions: “What am I going to do tonight?”.
Tired of this liturgy that every year leads us to boring parties we have decided that was enough and that on the next year we would have done the most obvious thing for a cyclist: riding.

Ride To Capodanno

This is how the idea of Ride To Capodanno was born: three days on the bike before the end of the year and get all together at the arrival at midnight to celebrate the new year on the bike. The ideal and shared continuation of the Festive 500: because a party to be awesome must be shared among everyone.

Three days of cycling, on a path designed to be fun for those with a lot of training, and those who have very little training. Ride To Capodanno is the cycling party: three days to be shared on the road.


What’s the route of the Ride To Capodanno? Surprise: you will only find out on the day of the departure, when the gpx track will be delivered. We can tell you how long it lasts: 365km, like the 365 days of the year to shake off between climbs and descents, to get refresh for a new beginning.

When do we start?

The meeting of this second edition of the Ride To Capodanno is scheduled for Sunday, December 29, 2019. The ride is on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the 31st of December. A few hours before midnight the group comes together to ride together towards the midnight.

On Tuesday, the 1st of January 2020 everyone returns back home.


Sunday 29 December 2019
Meeting in Firenze Campo di Marte
We ride: 80km

Monday 30 December 2019
We ride: 135km

Tuesday 31 December 2019
We ride: 150km
At midnight the arrival of the Ride is near Orvieto, in the Apennines, at the Agriturismo La Cacciata

Vednesday, 1 January 2020
Back home


At the Ride To Capodanno you can choose: if to make it harder and get through the route with the top climbs or to keep it softer getting through a more enjoyable route using train. In both cases, we always meet at the end of the day as it’s a party first of all.

Official route

Total: 365 km
1° day = 80km, 1475m+
2° day = 135km, 2145m+
3° day = 150km, 2660m+

And if someone doesn't pedal?

Everyone can join the Ride To Capodanno of Witoor, even those who don’t ride. Don’t leave your family and friends at home: take them with you to celebrate the New Year’s Eve together. They will be able to follow the journey and see you in the evenings at the hotel and for dinner.


Registrations to the Ride To Capodanno are now open. Places are limited to a maximum of 20 people.

Write to info@witoor.com to reserve a place: you can then complete the registration by bank transfer or by paying online (PayPal or credit card) in our form.


– Signing up
– Gadget
– GPX track of the route
– Lunch and welcome briefing (December 29th) in Florence
– Night in shared room + breakfast (29 December)
– Night in shared room + breakfast (30 December)
– Cheers on the bike
– New Year’s Dinner
– Night in shared room + breakfast (December 31st)

Write us for more details: info@witoor.com

Info and gadget

Witoor’s Ride To Capodanno is a self-supported adventure, there is no mechanical assistance along the way and no luggage transfer. Each participant will be provided with a gpx track for orientation. The organization is not responsible for damages to the bike during the ride and injuries to the person. Each participant declare to be suitable for physical activity.

For each participant Witoor will offer a personalized gadget of the event.

To contact us:

email: info@witoor.com

phone: +393402611527

Terms and conditions

The Ride To Capodanno is open to all participants of both sexes and between the ages of 18 and 75, in possession of a medical certificate that guarantees the suitability for cycling practice.

All participants must wear an helmet and light devices to make themselves visible during low visibility hours.

The Ride To Capodanno is a NON-COMPETITIVE RIDE on asphalt and dirt roads. The route is entirely open to traffic for which cyclists have the obligation to respect the highway code of the country in which they are located.

All participants must be equipped with a repair kit and inner tubes, as assistance is not guaranteed along the way.

Registration can only be considered valid when online or on-site registration has been completed and the entire fee has been paid.

In the case that the event is canceled due to major forces, the fee paid to the organization will not be refunded.

In case of bad weather (rain or snow) the event is confirmed.

Before departure, participants must accept the terms and conditions. Click here to read.