May 4,2024

Munich – Bozen

start from 4.30 am to 5.00 am
 Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy

Distance 340 km on cycle path
Altitude difference +3400 m
Road surface Asphalt, 18% gravel in Germany and Austria
Duration 23 hours (average 15km/h)

40€ early bird – until Jan. 6th, 2024
45€ until Mar. 7th, 2024
50€ until Apr. 28th, 2024

No borders for cyclists in Europe

Cross the Alps on a bike along a 300-km ride from Munich to Bozen: the only randonnée that crosses four different countries. From green Bavaria, in Germany, to the Austrian climbs in Tirol, a short stretch through Switezerland, Val Venosta in Alto Adige, Lake Resia, Merano and arrival in Bozen.

Rando Imperator Munich – Bozen is the 300-km randonnée mainly following the cycle path on the Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient roman road connecting the Danube with the Po and the Adriatic sea. A unique track to make history and feel like emperors.

Rando Imperator is an ACP brevet, which is officially registered on the Audax Italia calendar.

Munich, Garmisch, Fernpaß, Landeck, Reschen, Meran, Bozen

Online registration is open from Dec. 20th, 2023! Hotel and shuttle services available

The route

Start in Munich, Garmisch
Fernpass, Ernwald, Landeck
Lake Resia, Merano, arrival in Bozen at Waltherplatz


40€ early bird – until Jan. 6th, 2024
45€ until Mar. 7th, 2024
50€ until Apr. 28th, 2024
On site – 60 €
Non-members –  8€ more: we remind non-members that the registration fee includes the insurance valid for the event.

Payment: PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Payment details are available in the registration online form (click on ‘Subscribe’ button).

Medical certificate

To participate in the Rando Imperator it is necessary to have a competitive medical certificate, valid for cycling.

You can subscribe even if you don’t currently have one. The valid certificate can in fact be sent by email to even after registration, but in any case by April 30th.

Discount and prizes

Join as a group! For the 3 most numerous teams a special prize to share.


You can choose these options in the cart section while registering online. The bikes will be transported on special trailer trolleys.


Friday May 3rd – SOLD OUT
Ferrara – Munich
90 euro
Departure at morning from Ferrara

Friday May 3rd – SOLD OUT
Bozen – Munich
50 euro
Departure at early afternoon from Bozen

Monday May 6th
Bozen – Munich
50 euro
Departure at early afternoon from Bozen

You already registered but you need to book a seat on the bus?
You can buy the extra service now: click here.


You can choose these options in the cart section while registering online.

The selected hotels are near the departure and arrival points and near the arrivals and departures of the coaches. Reservations in Monaco can be made by 7 March 2024; after this date the organization may not be able to still have availability.

Friday May 3rd
Single: 115 euros sold out
Double: 134 euros sold out
Triple: 164 euro sold out
Breakfast included (bag delivered to reception, prepared by Witoor). Possibility to deposit the bike. Beds could be double.

It is always very complicated for the organization to find a hotel structure in Monaco that is able to provide all the services necessary for our and your needs. Those who decide to stay overnight in Munich by choosing a hotel that has an agreement with Witoor have the convenience of arriving by bus directly near the hotel, being able to immediately collect their registration pack and breakfast bag, and being able to leave their luggage directly at the reception before leaving.
It is recommended to show up at the hotel with a clean bicycle. Bikes cannot be brought into the room. The bikes will be left in a special room inside the structure set up by the Witoor staff. It will not be possible to oil the chain inside the hall.

Saturday May 4th
Single: 85 euro sold out
Double: 130 euro sold out
Triple: 189 euro sold out
Breakfast not included (available at Witoor point in Waltherplatz). Possibility to deposit the bike. Beds could be double.

All participants are reminded that in SüdTirol not all facilities provide the possibility of checking in at all hours. For those who want to be sure of finding accommodation in Bolzano and being able to enter at any time of the evening/night, we suggest booking with Witoor.


The New Official jersey is coming!


New! Do you want to carry the memory of the Rando Imperator always with you? Here is the official cap of the European randonnée.

Designed with the colors of the Via Claudia Augusta, the historic cycle route that connects Germany to Italy, with graphics that recall the official Rando Imperator logo, the cap is ready to be worn during your bike rides, and every time that you will want to feel free to travel without borders.

Buy online: click here


Before start, on the day of the event, you can drop your luggage and hand it to our staff members. They will give it back to you upon your arrival in Bolzen. Please only carry average size luggage.

Roadbook and GPX track

They will be made available and sent to each participant Tuesday before the event via email to the address entered during registration. In case of group registration, please enter a valid email address for each participant, otherwise we will not be able to send him the useful info with the track.


Registration package pick up and forms signing 
Friday, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm – from Hotel
Saturday, from 04:00 to 05:00 am at start point

from 04:00 – at Tierpark Hellabrunn entrance

from 04:30 to 05:00 – at Tierpark Hellabrunn entrance

GPS track
The link to consult the track on Komoot or download it in GPX format will be sent to the participants in the week preceding the event

Refreshments and checkpoints
3 stops

Refreshment and final check
upon arrival at Waltherplatz, Bozen

Max time
23 hours


Participiants will receive a complete info email Tuesday before event.

Food in Bozen
In South Tyrol it’s often difficult to find food after 9pm. The Rando Imperator refreshment area is not sufficient for dinner, so we suggest you organize accordingly.

Partly gravel uphill (in Germany and Austria), equal to 18% of the entire route. We recommend 28″ wheels with a slightly knobby tire.

It’ll be awarded upon arrival to all participants.

We will assume NO responsibility over any damage to your bike. If you have a carbon bike please make sure you use appropriate bags for the transport of your bike.

In case of bad weather the event will NOT be cancelled. In case of no-show you will NOT be refunded of any of the fees or extra fees you have spent for registration or other services.