It’s our answer to the future: taking you on the most beautiful roads of Europe, and let it all happen in two days. Rando Imperator is the randonnée from Germany to Italy, but for each one of you it represents a different answer: to get out from a time like this, to do something with a friend that you never did before, for that irrepressible need to crack your legs among woods and rivers, to close your eyes for a while, on the hairpin turns, and taste a glacier, to arrive before the others, after the others, to travel in tandem, solo, in a group, because when you leave you know that someone at the finish line is waiting for you.

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 September 2021 you’ll be arriving from all over Europe to try and believe that this wave of shit is about to end, is going to end, and we’ll have the road in front of us again.

Munich-Bozen-Ferrara: 3 brevets, 600km or 300km. Registrations and online routes here:

Do you need a ride to Munich? A place to sleep in Munich, Bozen or Ferrara? You can find all information on our website.