“Fox in the snow, where do you go?” During all the winter you had to let the bike come after the rest, the snow that blocked your way and you had to get off and continue on foot. Where did you go, in this cold winter? The bike has waited for you, the winter has held you back, the snow has enchanted you. The seven kilos more, the light to be chased, the paths to force shortened, the physical condition not found.

Then the spring comes and the snow melts, and you finally are back to breathe along the road. The winter is almost over and the Rando Imperator is getting closer. It’s again you: a traveler. For a day, a season, a lifetime.

Video: Witoor + Andrea Bighi
Thanks to: Carlo Bonetti (Oxeego)

May 5-6, 2018
Munich-Ferrara 600km
Munich-Bozen 300km
Bozen-Ferrara 300km