You’ve everything you need: a bike, a crazy desire to leave, you know where to go but you don’t know if you will get there. You will give all you have on every inch between you and the Alps, between you and a road that never ends, between you and two days that seem two years, two centuries, two lives. This is the Rando Imperator, and you do not need anything else to think about for the next few months: the European randonnée from Germany to Italy is back. Registration is open, here:

Here the 4 brevets (yes there’s a surprise) ARI Audax Randonneur Italia Rando Italy:
Munich-Ferrara 600km 4-5 May, 2019
Munich-Bolzano 300km 4 May, 2019
Bolzano-Ferrara 300km 5 May, 2019
Bolzano-Mantua 200km 5 May, 2019