Witoor is following with simpathy and involvement the epidemic of coronavirus in Italy and all over the world, and we’re close to all those suffering and engaging on the front lines to cope with this emergency which involves all of us. The bike is always been our answer, but health and safety are more important than anything else, and now they’re important more than ever.

The priority in all of our events is always been giving our participants a full and safe experience. If this is not possible, we believe it is right to stop and to come back only when it is ok do to so. In this very moment – Monday, 20th April – Bike Night tour is confirmed. The decision about when they can take place can only be taken in accordance with the decision from the Italian and European governments. As soon there will be new regulations, we’ll be able to give updates about our calendars to all our participants and those who’d like to take parts to our events.

As for Rando Imperator, as you know, it is a randonnée part of an official calendar managed by ARI, which coordinates all randonnée events in Italy. The sixth edition scheduled for 9 and 10 May 2020 is postponed to May 2021. The reasons for the postponement and the communication to the members are available at this post.

Today, in the very moment we are writing this, Bike Night 2020 tour is confirmed with the calendar we have announced: the first ride in Ferrara on June 13th, and the others to follow. In case of new measures, we shall adjust Bike Night’s calendar, trying to reschedule everything before the end of September.

The bike is the answer, but the health of all of us is the essential base to live every ride at its best and fullest. Since the beginning of Witoor, we have always kept safety and wellness of our participants as our first commitment: we don’t care about the stopwatch, or challenges, neither about the extremes. We care about people, their wellbeing and the chance to make them interact, thanks to the bicycle. Coronavirus is having a huge impact on our habits, and we can be sure about when we’ll all be together riding again only when we’ll be able to organize events safely, and in compliance with all regulations and laws. The decision to go on, limit, change or reschedule an events is always going to be taken according to the specific risk of the single event, and only in coordination with health and government authorities, and in total compliance with the law.

The darkness and the climb will end, and we’ll all be together to sweat, smile, and to feel good. In this moment, the answer is us.