How many worlds does Rando Imperator contain? It’s your first step to go far away, with the Bozen-Ferrara, it’s the Alps you ride in one breath, with the Bozen-Munich, it’s getting rid of boundaries to go from Germany to Italy in two days, with the Munich-Ferrara. If you look into the European randonnée, you find so many different worlds: you go into a cafe in the morning and people are speaking German, you stop by for a pizza in the night and they talk to you in Italian. Along the 600km (and more) of the old Roman Via Claudia Augusta, you are what’s holding everything together, you and your legs and the reason why you left: getting to know yourself better, getting to know riders from all over the world, getting to know Europe with no boundaries. This year, there is one more reason: with the Rando Imperator brevets you can get scores for the registration to 2023 Paris-Brest-Paris, the oldest and most important randonnée in the world.

Register online: discount on registrations only until 31 January:

🇪🇺Rando Imperator🇪🇺
7th edition – 7-8 may 2022
🇪🇺The European randonnée crossing the Alps🇪🇺
600 km Munich-Ferrara
300 km Munich-Bozen
300 km Bozen-Ferrara