We go far and then we come back closer than before: 2021 has been electric, with lots of pauses, fears, but also flares of pure beauty. We had to postpone our Randonnée, from May to September, and for once we had to ride on the Alps when summer was still pulsing. Well, next year we go back to basics: the seventh Rando Imperator is going to be on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May, 2022, with its three tracks to choose from: Munich-Ferrara 600km, Munich-Bozen 300km, and Bozen-Ferrara 300km. The first real Randonnée that breaks down the boundaries, mixes different tracks, gathers randonneurs from all over Europe and more.

The older we get, the more we believe that Rando Imperator – with four countries, Alps and valleys, with all the different languages you can hear speaking between Munich and Bozen and Ferrara in just two days – is more and more modern, contemporary; necessary, we dare to say: that all this going together with no boundaries, while the world seems going the opposite way, is the only possible way to a better future. On a bicycle, of course.

Thanks to those who were with us this year, and to those that will stay with us.

The registration for the seventh Rando Imperator will start in January 2022 on our website.