Always far, always ahead, always on pedals, always tired, always done, always at top speed, always still, always stops, always detours, always mistakes, always crossroads, bends, always hairpin turns, straight ways, always rain, rain, rain, always sun, the cold, always cracked lips, always half-tanned arms, always disheveled, always sweaty, soaking wet, dirty, always far away from home, always close to home, always at sunrise, always at night, always when it’s dark, always awake, always tired, always free, cheerful, joyful, always pissed off, sad, always excited, always depressed, always IN BOTTA, always turned on, turned off, always lost, always found, always drunk, always sober, on a diet, always proteins, always stretching, always yoga, cardio, always regular, always on a rope, always beer, always one more spritz, always today we go slow, always today we don’t exaggerate, and then always exaggerate, do more, always winding up, chasing, getting lost, always keeping in touch, always saturdays, sundays, always swear words, always tears, screams, laughs, always panting, spitting, swallowing, always getting up again, always supporting, always be in the wake, always going like horses, always a puncture, always getting dirty with mastic, always oil, always lying to yourself, always this is the last time, always not being able to stay still, always leaving againg, always the track, always the garmin, always the track is not uploading, always follow me I know the road, always knowing the road, always not having a clue, always dirt roads, always rocks, always blacktop, always dreams, always thinking about who’s at home, about who is not going to come anymore but will be with us no matter what, always building memories, always filling up distances, always being there for others, for us, for you, always thinking about when you’ll be coming back, always come back, always remember, always, every single movement of your pedals. A destiny, a conviction, an addiction, a manifesto, a family, a group, a sky pushing on you, keeping you there, on the slope of the land, always, every day of the year. And if you are not riding, it’s because you have stopped to decide your next destination: near home, to reach a brother, a trip with friends, a journey with your father, your mother, the person you love, the person you’ll find out you love right in the moments you’ll ride together on a bicycle, on a new cycle path, in a place you’ve never been before, in a place you always come back to, in a place where you always come back, to be happy. Always, with no borders.

We don’t know whether in your next year Rando Imperator will be there or not: but if you really wish to go beyond, if you really want to be far from where you started, see you in Munich, Saturday 4 May. Registration is open, here.

Thanks to Till Köster for video!

🇪🇺🇪🇺 Rando Imperator 2024 🇪🇺🇪🇺
4-5 May
9th edition
Munich – Bozen – Ferrara
From Germany to Italy by bike