Always moving on

We’ve never managed to stay still. No matter the destination, Cape North or the park nearby, we’ve always wanted to reach it: start, go, travel. On a bike, if possible. Witoor is a group of people that interprets bikes not as competitive way of transport, but rather as the key opening a world of energy and discovery.

From Bike Night to Rando Imperator, each event is conceived to help anyone explore their relationship with bikes leaving anxiety behind and freeing their passion for movement, nature, adventures. Either by pedalling at night or cycling through the Alps, we try to intrigue bike-enthusiasts as well as encourage those who have approached cycling for the first time.

The same applies to cycle tourism: Witoor offers custom-made holiday packages, taking you to Italy’s most genuine places.

We study routes firsthand and plan them by trying to mix bike culture and sustainable mobility with a taste for landscape and road safety. We create cycling events to spread a passion and promote genuine, authentic and personal cycling: not a trend, nostalgia or competition. A real experience to share with others and never forget.

A breath of bikes

Founded in London by Simone Dovigo, in 2012, Witoor was a tour operator specializing in cycle tourism and cycling events. Today, it is a working group of people who share a passion for bikes.

We have experienced incredible adventures over the years. We have cycled from Ferrara to Cape North, from Frankfurt to Ferrara, from Ferrara to Sweden. We have covered the London-Brighton Night Ride on a vintage fixed-gear bicycle. We have always picked our bike to plan a trip, away from mass tourism and always in search of real emotions.

This mix of experiences, along with different professionals, shape our vision of cycling as a complete, thorough, captivating experience: we plan and hold cycling events, randonées, one-day or longer local events. We engage in incoming activities, offer custom-made holiday packages and passenger/luggage transfer service.

Hand-drawn routes

Each of our cycling adventures is designed to let you discover the most authentic side of a place.

We study and test routes ourselves to make sure you get to experience the most enchanting landscapes, the remotest, most adventurous and exciting routes. You will find yourself on cycle paths and white roads, far from touristic places, so that you can indulge in the most natural experience possible driven by your free spirit.

If you decide to cycle on your own you will receive a map to enjoy and test your sense of direction as well as the GPS track to download onto your device.

Full support and assistance

Witoor offers all the support and assistance you need so that you can give yourself entirely to adventure. We will take care of everything from the moment you arrive to the day we say “goodbye”: luggage transfer/storage, meals and refreshments, technical and mechanical support, first-aid kit, rescue service.

When you are dealing with an emergency and cannot pedal any longer you will only have to call us and our rescue team will take you back to your accommodation as soon as possible.

If your bike is not suitable or you simply prefer to rent a bike we will offer our service based on availability.

Flights or transfer to the start point are not included, but if you need to book a flight or need someone to pick you up at the airport we will help you out. All you need to do is call us.

If you want to extend your stay, contact us and we will suggest the best solution.

The only thing we ask you is to get your personal insurance.

Buon appetito e cheers!

An energy drink or a fresh-squeezed juice, which is better?

We’ll go for the juice. That’s why we put special attention to lunches and refreshments in our adventures. We will offer you products that are the expression of authenticity, taste and speciality. They will restore your legs and your spirit.

The magic of nights under the stars

We will cycle through breathtaking, pristine landscapes and the journey will continue at night. Let the stars thrill you.

That little something...

Our adventures are designed for dynamic people, driven by an adventurous spirit. That is why although you may not be a professional cyclist you could still be interested in putting yourself to the test with this new, exciting adventure. We will help you by giving you our advice on how to train, cast any worry away and face climbs with a smile on your face. Contact us.

If you love style and comfort you will be happy to experience your adventure wearing Witoor’s technical and personalised clothing. Let our great photographers take a snap and make your friends jealous.